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 Portland Roadster Show





Club Requirements:

Why Your Club Should Join the MHRC (Click Here)

     1. Must have a minimum of 5 members.
     2. Each club must have an approved set of bi-laws.
     3. Each club must maintain a Board of Officers.
     4. Hold monthly meetings.
     5. Must have a visitation from a standing MHRC Board member.

Council Membership:

  1. Choose a representative to attend each Council meeting.
  2. Attend 3 consecutive Council meetings then submit a request to be accepted.
  3. Visit the MHRC calendar for meeting location, dates and times.
  4. Contact the MHRC officers to setup a club visit.
  5. Complete and submit the information to the Webmaster using the form below for addition to the MHRC website if your club would like to be included.
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